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A year in the life of a
start-up for start-ups

Every founder has a story of what spurred their business idea. Ours is no different. We’ve had great success servicing established brands and fortune 100 companies. At the same time, we are living the reality of riding in Ubers, eating dinner with Blue Apron and buying glasses from Warby Parker. None of these companies even EXISTED 10 years ago. The truth was in front of us: start-ups were inventing the future of our industry. But start-ups had little access to our kind of brand-building services and we had little access to their culture and way of working. We knew we had a lot to learn from start-ups and their founders, and they could learn from us as well. BGIN was born.

One year in and BGIN is a thriving business that is bringing benefits to new clients, existing clients and to the culture of the Burns Group. We’ve collaborated with new brands, setting them up for future success with ambitious brand strategy, brand design and creativity. We’ve taught branding at Techstars, Galvanize and Cornell. We’ve brought the start-up mentality to our existing clients – speeding up innovation cycles and fueling a launch and learn approach. And we’ve brought the culture of the start-up to our 10-year-old company – igniting creativity and transformational thinking at all levels of our organization. We’ve met with dozens of start-ups this past year and are grateful for the companies we’ve had a chance to collaborate with including the sample of our work displayed below.

If you’d like to learn more, get involved or collaborate reach out to

Here’s to ever new BGINings!

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